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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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unified school district had to decide on. we'll tell you what the outcome was. police in san francisco now investigating the brutal beating of a man as a homicide. how the victim's familand friends say good-bye and what investigators hope will lead them to the killer. good morning. we are live outside candlestick park where tens of of thousands of people will be tonight for the stadium's final event. paul mccartney closing it out with what promises to be an explosive concert. ktvu's alex savidge out there this morning. and he's going to have more on what it takes to set this kind of thing up. that's coming up in just a couple of minutes. it is thursday, august 14th. i'm pam cook. >> can you ask sal if i can go to this concert tonight? >> you need to go to the concert. >> i'll check. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve is talking about that too. >> you can go, dave.
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>> thanks, steve. >> sal is with the band. >> low cloud and temperatures on the mild for some, north bay running a little cooler up into oregon. that's kind of pushed all the tropical clouds completely out of the state which is not kind if it has, steve, which is a first, but the fog bank is still there. 53 hillsburg to 53 petaluma, cool readings. lakeport isn't too bad. down to the south, 57 in gilroy, low 60s around sunnyvale, also san jose state university. running a little cooler 55, fog will retreat right back, maybe a few high clouds to the south. fog, sun, mild to warm. the water temps are running mild to warm as well, so the low is even close and the highs at the coast are not that bad. 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s inland. here's sal. >>reporter: all right, steve. we are talking about a problem in santa rosa. traffic on highway 101 should start to slow down about a half hour from now. several southbound lanes at todd road were closed for two
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hours overnight, though, after a deadly one-car crash. the chp suspects the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol. officers say his suv veer off the highway, hit a guard rail and slammed into a tree. he was described as a 32-year- old man from the heelsburg area. now let's go to some live pictures. bay bridge westbound, you can see traffic is backed up to about the macarthur maze, about a 15 to 20-minute drive time into san francisco. as we look at the south bay, road sensors are not really firing up yet. it still looks green or maybe a little bit of yellow which shows some slowing traffic. but, oh, what a difference it makes on the altamont pass. you can see a lot of red which means a lot of stop-an-go traffic from west of 205 to the livermore area. 6:02. let's go back to the desk. happening today, the countdown to the event at candlestick park. paul mccartney closes candlestick with a three-hour
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show tonight. ktvu's alex savidge joins us with more on the historic concert at the stick. alex. >>reporter: pam, good morning tou. this promises to be an emotional night of course for music fans and also paul mccartney who we know has a lot of special memories of candlestick park. later tonight he'll take the stage, performing in front of a pack house here, an estimated 49,000 people should be on hand here, fitting, of course, for the long-time home of the san francisco 49ers. crews over the last few days have been hard at work building the huge stage inside the stadium. it sits on what used to be the 10-yard-line here. the concert promotor says the stick will be going out with a bang tonight. there will be a huge fireworks show, more than 900 pyrotechnics lighting up the sky, and then, of course, after tonight's explosions, the stadium will face demolition in the coming months. the mccartney concert seems to be the perfect way to say good- bye to a place that has created so many memorable moments over the years. it was nearly 50 years ago when the beetles held their last paid concert at candlestick
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park. that show was in august of 1966, and now music fans are gearing up for another big night. >> the stage is enormous and there's a lot of specials that are going on and a lot of special video, and we're trying to make the event really memorable. >>reporter: officially tonight's concert is sold out, but, of course, you can find tickets online at some of those secondary websites. here's what we found online, a seat down on the field is going to cost you about $11.000, but if you don't mind not having a view of the stage, you can get inside candlestick tonight for about $100 or so. the parking lot opens up to fans at 3:00 this afternoon. paul mccartney takes the stage 8:00 tonight and it is expected that he will be giving the fans out here everything he has. this show tonight will be lasting -- it should last about three hours is what we're toll. we're live this morning outside candlestick park in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu
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channel 2 news >> all right, alex. time now 6:04. san francisco police hope surveillance video will lead to the person who brutally attacked a man in what is now a homicide case. the family and friends of 31- year-old beating victim brian higgins hugged and comforted each other yesterday at a vigil in deboce park. higgins had just died after being taken off life support. he was a member of a local lgbt group. he was brutally beaten sunday morning near deboce park. >> we just want him to be remember for the type of person he was. he was very loving, very caring. he was an all around good human being. >> now, police say surveillance video shows higgins was beaten by a white man in his 20s, wearing a gray sweatshirt. as the investigation continues, there's no known motive and it's still not clear if this was a hate crime. a big decision by the fremont school district. ktvu's janeen del la vega live to talk about the fremont school board and what it's done
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about a controversial sex ed textbook that's angered many parents. >>reporter: pam, this has definitely struck a nerve with parents. the school board here at the fremont unified school district has decided to back off on its decision to use a textbook that has pictures and topics that some parents say is too explicit for 9th graders. parents voiced their concerns to school board members last night at a district meeting. they're upset the district wanted to use a book called "your health today" because it contains references about oral sex, sex toys and bondage. 9th graders are required to take a health class and learn about sex ed, but the district acknowledged the book is meant for college students. they added, though, that teachers wouldn't educate the kids on all the topics in the book. the school board decided to work with the publisher to make some changes in its chapters on sex education so that it's more suitedded to 14 years old. here's what -- more suited to 14 years old. here's what one parent told the board last night.
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>> just because there is accurate information in this book does not mean it is good or healthy information for our 13 and 14-year-old children. [ applause ] >> we need to have this book for those kids that need it, so, please, keep with what we have. >>reporter: district officials say the book has not been used in california high schools before, but only about 20 pages of the 400 pages are on sex. holland tunnels of parents have signed a petition, calling for -- hundreds of parents have signed a petition,. the board will hold off until they get more feedback. instead, last year's textbooks will be used for this upcoming school year which starts on the 27th. reporting live from fremont, janeen del la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. just before school begins in san francisco, teachers are making a possible strike. the big issue? money. teachers want a 21% pay raise
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over three years. the school district is offering 8.5%. tonight teachers will take a vote on whether to authorize a strike. the next mediation session is set for september 2nd. california's high speed rail system moving farther down the tracks. the fresno bee reports the board has approved a second segment. that means construction could begin on the 114-mile line between fresno and bakersfield. now, the first line between fresno and merced was approved last year, but the $16 billion project still lacks full funding. earlier this month, a judge ruledded the state can start selling $8 bonds. police say two massage parlors were really a front for prostitution. police arrested these three women. now, the person on the right is accused of running both businesses as brothels. the two others face
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prostitution charges. police say in the past three weeks undercover police were solicited for prostitution at the aurora spa on broadway street and the new spa on elcamino reale. the investigation started after complaints were made by neighbors of suspicious activity. the time now is 6:08. big changes coming to oakland. coming up in our next half hour, the billion dollar move that kicked the city's long- time garbage collection company to the curb. really scary ride for dozens of passengers. the strange occurrence that left everyone on board fearing for their lives. >>reporter: good morning. we are looking at traffic that is getting busier all over the place. here it looks pretty good heading south. we'll tell you more about the south bay commute in the next report. temperatures today will be right about where they should be, almost across the board. we'll take a look at that and see how long that will last. if you're heading out to the stick tonight for paul mccartney, doesn't look bad, not cold or anything, but it should be in the 60s.
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>> broadway is honoring the memory of robin williams. during this performance of "aladin," tony award winner and east bay native james monroe i believehart led the audience in this sing-along of the song "you ain't never had a friend like me," made famous by robin williams when he portray the genie in the 1992 disney movie.
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one of my favorites. well, theaters from coast to coast are remembering and honoring robin williams. broadway theaters as well as the world famous chinese theater in hollywood, they all dimmed their lights last night for robin williams. the landmark movie palace also remember legendary actress lauren bacall. this was only the eighth time the theater had dimmedded its lights. other entertainers getting that rare recognition included shirley temple and micky rooney. a tragic and mysterious cold case is getting some new attention. it's now been 10 years since a young kim was -- young couple was shot to death while sleeping on a remote beach in sonoma county. sheriff's deputies found the bodies of jason allen and lindsay cutchel inside their sleeping bags on a beach near jenner. yesterday lindsey cutchel's parents returned to the bay area from their hometown in ohio to mark this sad anniversary. they came with a message for their daughter's killer. >> you will some day pay a price, whether here on earth or
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when you die, or maybe both. >> the young couple worked as counselors at a christian youth camp in eldorado county. investigators say they still get two or three tips every month in the search for the killer, but no arrests have been made. san francisco police are also asking for help in solving an 8-year-old homicide case. 17-year-old aubrey abukasass was shot and killed on the afternoon of august 14th, 2006 at grove and baker streets. his mother says aubrey had just left their house when he saw two men with guns on the crowded street. he yelled, telling people to run. police say the man then shot aubrey. but they don't know why. a $250,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and the conviction of the suspects. the family business that runs the ferry boat service between tiburon and angel island could be in jeopardy. maggie mcdonough's father start the service back in 1959.
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it's the only way to get to angel island from marin county. now the state park service wants bids for the two-mile route in hopes of finding a cheaper deal. now, the blue and gold fleet operates boats that go from san francisco to angel island, and it is considering making a bid, but captain maggie says there's value in a locally-based ferry service. >> as far as i know we're the last family-owned and operated ferry service. we have one center of revenue which is taking people to angel island. we try to keep our prices very low. >> it just seems so much more personal, so friendly. the faces you see on the website is the faces are see on the boat. >> and captain maggie follows us on twitter. the state isn't saying when it will start accepting bids, but it could happen as soon as november. well, there are some frightening moments for 42 passengers on board a ferry from provinceton, massachusetts to boston. >> this boat is sinking. >> giant waves hit the ferry yesterday. the sea water shut down the engine's computer systems, even
6:16 am
cracked a pair of windows 20 feet above the water line, cutting the captain's hand. three coast guard boats rushed to the rescue. about 3 1/2 hours later. and with one engine, the ferry did limp back to port. the anheuser busch brewery in fairfield is installing a textured wind turbine. the new 350-foot tall turbine would generate 360 watts of electricity when it's fully functional in october. the brewery says it will get 30% of its energy from alternative sources. the soccer player who bit an opponent at the world cup. he was thrown out of the tournament after he bit the shoulder of a player from italy. he was suspended from all soccer games for four months. the court of arbitration for sports just upheld the four- month ban. however, he is allowed to train
6:17 am
with his new club, team barcelona. time now 6:16. all right, sal, i'll bite, how's the east shore doing? >>reporter: i see what you did there. >> he's a clever guy. >>reporter: yes. the east shore freeway is doing okay. as a matter of fact we've been watching the time it takes to drive from the cartenas bridge to the macarthur maze and it is only 18 minutes. it hasn't changed much. the average speed down slightly, but only to 63 miles an hour. that's your average speed. it looks pretty good and no major problems. when you get to the bay bridge, it's already a crowd. it's backed up to about the foot of the macarthur maze, about a 20-minute drive into san francisco with no major difficulties getting through. also want to mention that southbound 880 is getting a little bit busy as you pass 238 and head down to highway 92. it's 6:17. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you, sir. a beautiful sunrise, a few high clouds, some patchy low clouds around. the higher clouds, this little
6:18 am
band kind of zipping through. not a big deal. it'll still be near average on the temps. noaa climate government just sent out an el nino update. it's looking like a fizzle, not a sizzle, so we'll see. there's not a coupling or an interaction, if you will, between the atmosphere and ocean temps and some ocean temps are showing signs of being elneenia north of australia which would be a low up in oregon has pushed all that tropical moisture out of the state, first time in a long time. a little low out here which might play into our weather late sunday and monday for a slight cooldown. in the meantime this low will eject out. it kind of settled in and that brought temps down yesterday, they'll rebound slightly today. near average. almost everybody will be exactly where they should be this time of the year on the high side. 60s, 70s and 80s, the coast is not that bad, they're near
6:19 am
average to slightly above. inland temps will be right about where they should be. pleasanton is one. low 60s, upper 50s. low 60s walnut creek and also out to pittsburg. 59 foster city, same for bellemont, a little cooler up at la honda at 52 degrees. yesterday a decent sea breeze. today it's cut in half. today steady 15 at travis which is not a big deal and a little northerly at concord and also at oakland which is not something we've seen lately. water temps, again, 63 monterey buoy. a lot of people going out fishing for salmon. man, the water is warm, so that's the comments i've been getting. point ray 60. bodega bay is 70. 54 in eureka, 42 up in lake tahoe. yesterday we were in the 60s. again, very, very cool for much of the great lakes. the high temperature today in detroit will be 71 degrees. that is just so far below normal. record lows are possible.
6:20 am
that tropical moisture, well, now look where it is, in utah, colorado, they're getting the hot, humid and all that tropical moisture and showers. we get the fog, but then it will be mostly sunny here and there goes the tropical clouds. even out of southern california, arizona and southern nevada. fog, sun, warm here, breezy at times but nothing compared to yesterday. highs upper 80s for some away from the coast. 70s closer to it. temperatures -- again, these are right exactly where they should be this time of year, almost for everybody here. not much change, very quiet pattern going all the way into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. jaguar, land rover recalling more than 40,000 sport utility vehicles here in the united states. the recall covers lr2s from the 2010 through 2015 model years and the 2012 and 2013 range rover evox. the automaker says the front passenger side airbag might not deploy in a crash. jaguar land rover says it will start notifying owners by the end of the month. affected owners can take their suvs to a dealer for a free repair. flight attendants for the
6:21 am
only airline based here in the bay area have voted to join a union. the airline says it respects the decision of the flight attendants and passengers should not see any difference in service. all right, pam, time is 6:20. more unrest in missouri where a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager. protesters seen here running for their lives after police fired tear gas. coming up in 15 minutes we'll show you journalists caught right in the middle of this confrontation. but, first, an urgent need for blood. the famous faces the red cross hopes will get you to donate.
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. welcome back. time now 6:23. happening right now, want to show you aerials of a very bad crash southern california. you can see someone being wheeled away or at least that is a stretcher. and i believe someone is on it right now. this is an area called el monte. this is on the 60 freeway in the l.a. area. the chp says eight vehicles are involved, including two tractor- trailers. it is pretty bad. there is a major traffic backup. and this is during the rush hour and there are injuries, as you can see right here. paramedics have been putting people into ambulances for some time now. we don't know the extent of
6:25 am
injuries. we'll give you more details as we get them in. a bay area teenager is heading to tennis u.s. open and she will be the youngest player there. 15-year-old cici bellis home schooled and mostly practices on the tennis court in her own back yard in atherton. that and her work ethic helped her win the girls' 18 and under national title last week. it's a dream come true because it qualified her to play in the u.s. open in new york later this month. >> i'm still kind of in shock that i'm going because i've been wanting to play at the u.s. open since i've been 7 years old. it's crazy. >> bellis says she doesn't feel any pressure to perform at the open because just getting there is a dream come true. bellis and her parents leave for new york in the open a week from tomorrow. good luck. >> yes. time now 6:25. happening today, state lawmakers will start debating a bill that would require all california schools to have epi pens or auto injectors on the
6:26 am
campus. it also trains school staff volunteers in how to use them. the american academy of pediatrics says one in 25 children have severe food allergies, and they say at least a quarter of the time, first-time allergic reactions happen at school and they can be fatal, within minutes. the state teachers union is opposed to this bill. they say teachers should only focus on teaching and not administering medications. well, the american red cross desperately needs blood donations. they're hoping some san francisco giants stars will help motivate donors. brandon crawford and joaquin arias are scheduled to be at a blood drive today in san francisco's bayview district. the players will be thanking local donors. they're going to pose for pictures and sign autographs this afternoon. the blood drive will go from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. time is now 6:26. some called it a disaster waiting to happen. the threat to the hetch hetchy
6:27 am
water system that could rob millions of people in the bay area of their drinking water. plus a fire at a popular mall in the south bay overnight. how social media turned out to be a very helpful tool for some of the people inside that building. >>reporter: good morning. right now we are still looking at a commute where traffic is doing pretty well on 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. we'll tell you more about that morning commute straight ahead. a few light clouds over us, definitely some low clouds, but it's back to school up in calastoga, 51 to start there and 88 for a high, but a sunrise over the big city, we'll see how temperatures shape up today.
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if you're heading out to candlestick, not that bad, low 60s, a far cry i think from some the conditions we've had in the past. it should be okay. water temps are running a little bit on the warm side, so even the lows and temperatures by the coast haven't been that cold. there's still lots of fog there, but temperatures are in the 50s and 60s, low right up in oregon is dragging across a few high clouds but mainly south of us, but that's where that source is coming from. san francisco starting off 58. we'll go for a high today of
6:31 am
70. average high this time of year is 68, so it's close. a little cool for some. a little bit warmer towards santa clara valley. 62 san jose state, 60 sunnyvale and also fremont. higher elevations 50s and 60s. fog retreats and highs today will be near seasonal averages for almost everybody. fog, sun, warm inland, breezy at times, but nothing like we had yesterday. upper 80s to near 90 for a few inland but 70s around the bay. here's sal. >>reporter: steve, got just word of a new injury accident in daly city, northbound highway 1 on the connector ramp to southbound 280, very close to the sarah monte mall there. if you're coming in on northbound highway 1 and try to go get onto 280 this, could be a problem for you. also could be a problem for some of the roads nearby as that ramp is clearly visible from some of the city streets even in that area. we'll try to get you more information. this just came in as we were going on the air. let's go to highway 24 westbound. you can see traffic is moving
6:32 am
along okay as you drive over through the kaldecut tunnel. an eight-minute drive through that tunnel. on the bay bridge plaza, it has been a little bit slow as you drive through. there are no major problems. it's about a 20 to 25-minute drive time to san francisco from the oakland side. and no major problems, but definitely it is there. now, i kind of manually dragged my map over to where this crash was in daly city. it's on northbound highway 1 coming up to daly city right near the sarah monte mall. i'll put an indicator here, right about there where i just put that little dot there. so just be careful if you're driving in that area. i'll try to get some more info for you. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal. happening today, the countdown to the final, the last event ever at candlestick park. sir paul mccartney will close candlestick with a three-hour show tonight at the former home of the 49ers and the giants.
6:33 am
ktvu's alex savidge out there right now with more on tonight's historic concert at the stick. good morning, alex. >>reporter: dave, good morning to you. and, you know, paul mccartney was just here performing in san francisco last year at outside lands, but he decided to return on short notice for this show later on tonight because he really just has so many special memories of candlestick park, and he will be taking the stage later on tonight in front of a huge crowd, an estimated 49,000 people should be on hand for this concert, fitting, of course, for the long-time home of the 49ers. crews have been hard at work the last couple days. they've built up a huge stage inside the stadium right there on the field. it sits on what used to be the 10-yard-line when the niners played here. the concert promotor involved here says the stick will be going out with a bang later on tonight. a huge fireworks show will happen. there will be more than 900 pyrotechnics lighting up the night sky. it was nearly 50 years ago when the beetles held their last paid concert here at
6:34 am
candlestick. that show was in august of 1966, and now music fans are gearing up for what promises to be another amazing night. and in a video message that was posted on his website, mccartney promised a special show. >> so it's going to be a very emotional night, it's going to be a great night. we are going to rock. i have some very special memories, as you know. >>reporter: tonight's concert is officially sold out, but, of course, you can find tickets if you go to some of those secondary websites like stubhub. here's what we saw online. if you want a seat down on the field for tonight's show, $11.000. but if you don't mind sitting up in the stands and maybe not even having a view of the stage, you can get inside candlestick tonight for about 100 bucks. they will be opening up the parking lot at 3:00 this afternoon for any music fans who want to show up early and hang out, and then sir paul mccartney will take the stage at 8:00 tonight and he will be doing a long set we're told.
6:35 am
this show will last about three hours. live outside of candlestick park in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, alex. time now 6:34. a rally will be held today at frank ogawa plaza. it's in solidarity with the protesters in ferguson, missouri who are taking to the streets, claiming police abuse. [ explosions ] >> now, this was last night in ferguson, missouri. police fired tear gas, breaking up yet another protest. it was the fifth straight night of protests and demonstrations after the deadly police shooting on saturday of 18-year- old michael brown. two journalists covering this story also accusing police of using excessive force after they were arrested for videotaping the police. those reporters were later released without being charged. a big decision by the fremont school district. ktvu's janeen del la vega to tell us what the school board has done about a controversial
6:36 am
sex ed textbook that has angered many parents. >>reporter: pam, a lot of parents say some of the information in this textbook is just too racy for 14 years old. that was debated for several hours last night at the school board meeting here at the fremont unified school district and ultimately the board decided to delay the decision on whether or not to use the textbook. district officials from the fremont unified school district got an earful last night from parents who are upset that the textbook called "your health today" contains references to masturbation, sex toys and bondage. they say it is not age appropriate for incoming freshman at fremont's six high schools who are required to take a health class. the school board wants to work with the book's publisher to make some changes in its chapters on sex education so that it's more suited to 14 years old. there were parents who spoke out that were for and against
6:37 am
the book. >> what are the other school districts using? there's got to be another book we can use. >> i entrust the district to do the right thing for the kids. i think the information -- i refute this notion, this opinion that somehow the facts in the manual are how-to guides. >>reporter: district officials say the book has not been used in california high schools before, but only about 20 pages of 400 are on sex. they've argued that teachers wouldn't teach every single page, just relevant items. hundreds of parents have signed a petition calling for the book's removal. the district says they will hold off on using the book until they can get more feedback. this will be revisited in january. in the meantime last year's text books are going to be used for the upcoming school year. reporting live from fremont, ja nine del la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a mall was evacuated in cupertino last night. ktvu's brian flores at valco
6:38 am
mall with how this could impact businesses today. lots of back-to-school shopping, brian. >>reporter: that's exactly right, pam. good morning to you a. lot of people come to the mall to shop burks if they were here last night, they were either at the gym or a movie theater that's nearby. those are the people that had to be evacuated last night because of this fire. i want to go to some video of the scene. just after 10:30 last night, some crews from respond today this fire. a battalion chief tells ktvu that the fire started in the third floor of the mall when equipment in an elevator room overheated. firefighters say the overhead sprinkler systems did kick in and was able to help put out the fire before crews arrived. several people were either working at the gym or catching a movie when they had to be evacuated, including one man who was out on a date. >> the movie shut down, the lights came on, the fire alarm and there was an announcement, attention, attention, there's an emergency in the building, please evacuate, so we left >> it looks like there was a freight elevator that went from
6:39 am
the ground floor to the third floor and it was in proximity to the amc theater but it wasn't in the amc theater. it was within the vallco shopping center itself. >>reporter: and the stores in the mall had closed by 9:00 p.m., so obviously shoppers were not affected by this. they say the stores were not affected. there was a little bit of water damage, however, according to fire officials that was caused near the area where the sprinklers went off. overall officials say there were no injuries. we're live here in cupertino, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. time 6:39. the family of the girl who was run over by first responders after the asiana airlines crash, they have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of san francisco. 16-year-old ya ming wahn was on the ground near the plane when firefighters responded on july 6th of last year. the national transportation safety board concluded the teenager died after being run over by emergency vehicles. that lawsuit is alleging that rescuers were poorly trained and were reckless.
6:40 am
the family is seeking unspecified damages. well, a tunnel in the hetch hetchy water system could be in danger of a catastrophic collapse and that would cut off water to millions of people in the bay area. the san francisco chronicle reports city officials have known for more than 20 years that the 19-mile tunnel outside yosemite national park needs significant repairs. now, those repairs could cost $100 million, but completely replacing the tunnel would cost $630 million. officials with the san francisco public utility commission say the risk of a collapse is low, but a bay area water agency has raised concerns about the stability of the tunnel which helps supply drinking water to 2.6 million homes and businesses here in the bay area. california voters will soon have their say on a new water bond. governor brown has reached a compromise with lawmakers from both parties on the $7 1/2 billion bond measure that would be on the november ballot. it will replace an $11 billion
6:41 am
bond that lawmakers had already approved for the ballot but were worried would not pass. if voters do approve the measure, it will provide funds for restoration work in the sacramento delta, flood prevention and some new reservoirs. >> all right, pam. time is 6:40. there was a deadly accident. it happened on highway 101. coming up in 20 minutes, what the chp says probably happened early this morning that crashed an suv and killed the driver. >>reporter: the oakland city council has awarded a $1 billion garbage collection contract to a local company but can that small company keep up with the load? and right now we're still looking at a commute where traffic is moving along pretty well. a little bit of slowing on 280 at 17. we'll tell you more about that commute. looking like a quiet or normal weather pattern for us today. we'll show you the temperatures which will be right near seasonal averages. back to school calastoga very brisk this morning, but it'll be warmer later today, 88 for
6:42 am
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internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 6:44. a man accused of randomly stabbing another passenger on an a.c. transit bus is due in court today to face attempted murder charges. the bizarre attack happened monday night while the bus was heading down san pablo avenue
6:45 am
in berkeley. police say 24-year-old eric palmer walked down the bus aisle, pulled out a knife and said watch this before stabbing a young woman who he did not know. officers arrested palmer as he got off the bus. the woman was seriously injured, but is expected to survive. time now 6:44. a $1 billion contract has been awarded by the city of oakland to a west oakland garbage collection company. now that company has to work fast to prove they can do the job. ktvu's katie utehs is joining us live now from oakland to explain some of the questions about this new deal. good morning, katie. >>reporter: good morning, dave. california waste solutions has until july to build the infrastructure necessary to pick up all the city's trash. that means garbage trucks, facility improvements, that's one task that a councilmember fears they're not up to. now, the west oakland-based company already collects half of the city's recycling but has yet to take on the full system. up until now texas-based waiftz management has held the garbage collection contract.
6:46 am
both companies submitted proposals for the contract which included rate increases, c.w.s. came in at $36.82 a month, about $7 less than waste management. the oakland-based company says they're ready for the challenge. >> we worked in this community for 22 years. we believe we always had the local advantage, waste always believed it had the advantage because it was the largest waste firm in the country. >>reporter: city council approved the contract last night in a 7-1 vote. the rate increase for the new contract is 23%, but the councilmember who opposed the deal says that's not why he voted no. noel galloss says he's worried the company will not be able to handle all of the city's waste. there is also uncertainty about what this means for current waste management drivers, garbage collectors. i spoke with one of them this morning. coming up in our next live
6:47 am
report, i'll share their concerns about the new contract. live in oakland, katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. it is now 6:46. that means we need to check in with tori campbell. >>reporter: good morning, pam and dave. coming up on mornings on 2. with many schools reopening, some local campuses are bracing for an influx of immigrant students from central america and we'll tell you what the department of education is now saying about what these schools are required to do. east palo alto has three finalists for its next police chief, but there's concern about one candidate, a retired san jose police captain. the reason? he is a defendant in two pending lawsuits. we'll tell you what those are about. those stories next on mornings on 2". now back to you on the morning news >> tori, thank you. 6:47. let's bring sal back. how are our friends at the toll plaza? they're actually okay. there's a little bit of a backup there, dave and pam, as there normally is. but it's not all that bad. this is about a 20-minute delay
6:48 am
into san francisco, 20-minute drive time as you drive into the city. not all that bad. and much less in the carpool lane. also the morning commute looks okay on interstate 880 northbound and southbound. that traffic is moving well as you drive past the coliseum. i want to mention in daly city northbound highway 1 at the 280 ramp to southbound 280, there is an injury accident there. daly city fire department, chp on the scene. not causing a big delay on southbound 280. 6:48, let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you. some low clouds around, a few high clouds. you kind of get the signature of them right there, coming around the low pressure system up in oregon which decided to settle in. it's going to be there just for a day and then eject out of here. you can see how some of those clouds are wrapping back around, feeding into it. so a few high clouds there. remember julio? there's not much left of it, a tropical storm, but, boy, is it sheering apart and it is literally i think on its last breath or two. a system to the north wiping it
6:49 am
out. it's just about done. it stayed north of the hawaiian islands, that's a good thing. some of that moisture sometimes gets caught up. this one looks like it is not going to. do have a break in the tropical clouds. a system up in oregon has pushed all the tropical moisture out of the state which is very rare for us lately because we've been dealing with a lot of tropical clouds. it's been in the sierra, southern california. mild to warm, ocean temps continue to run very mild, low 60s for many. oakland starting off 62, mostly cloudy here with a low cloud deck, 67, go for a high today of 75 degrees. most highs today will be right about where they should be this time of year. 48 san ramone and lafayette. pittsburg, the higher elevation site at 61. upper 50s for foster city 59, belmont 59, la honda running a little cooler at 52. san francisco buoy is at 60, monterey 63 and point rice 60. a lot of comments coming out from people fishing on twitter saying the water temperature mild to warm. 57 at bodega bay. 42 in tahoe, that's down about
6:50 am
20 from yesterday. the system will give us a few high clouds, that's about it. there's plenty of low clouds there, but they'll retreat and we'll have temperatures right about where they should be this time of year. in fact, i think they'll be stuck here for a while. 90 clearlake, santa rosa 83, that's normal. napa84. kentfield at 81. 90 brentwood, 87 concord, 86 danville, livermore at 87, 75 downtown oakland, alameda at 71. 81 downtown san jose, but morgan hill and gilroy at 88. santa cruz mild and warm. 82 in redwood city, san bruno 75 and daly city at 65 degrees. if you are heading to the concert tonight, it looks mild, not cold, cold. always take a jacket, obviously to candlestick. 62 at 8:00 tonight. not much change here, just subtle changes day to day as we head right into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. mcdonald's apparently took all the criticism about its happy meals not having fruits and vegetables very seriously.
6:51 am
the fast food chain says it will include cuties, clementines in its kids' meals starting this fall and what it's calling junior bananas also being tested. it's also considering adding blueberries to the fruit options. mcdonald's says the fruit won't be limit today happy meals, it will be offered individually and clementines sold for 50 cents each. 6:50. the ferry boat ride was really scary for dozens of passengers. >> this boat is sinking. >> where this happened and why everyone on board feared for their lives. but, first: >> he said give me all your money. and i'm, like, what? and then i stand up and he's, like, boom, boom. >> an exclusive interview with a man who was robbed and shot while enjoying a night out in downtown campbell. his harsh words for his attacker.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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time now 6:54. would you look at this, parts of the northeast still drying out this morning after record rainfall back there, unusually heavy rains caused four deaths, flooded many roads. would you believe 13.2 inches of rain fell in just long island, new york? there's round -- this round-the- clock recovery continues. that slow moving storm soaked communities from maryland all the way to new england. defense secretary chuck
6:55 am
hagel says most of the religious refugees trapped on a mountain in iraq have now escaped, making it less likely the u.s. will carry out a rescue mission. u.s. troops sent to iraq to assess the situation yesterday reported finding about 4,000 of the refugees still on the mountain, far fewer, though, than the tens of thousands that had been there earlier. now, hagel says six days of u.s. airstrikes and isis militants gave many people a chance to get off that mountain. the united nations has now set up camps for the refugees. israel and hamas have agree today a five-day extension of the cease-fire. israeli and palestinian delegations have been negotiating in egypt with the goal of achieving a long- lasting peace agreement. more than 1,900 palestinians have died in the current conflict, 67 have been killed on the israeli side. time is 6:55. in an exclusive interview with ktvu, a man who was shot during an armed robbery in campbell told us it's a miracle he's alive. >> he said give me all your
6:56 am
money. i'm, like, what? and then i stand up and he's, like, boom, boom. >> now, early in the morning of august 3rd, 31-year-old jonathan penn was heading home from a night out with his girlfriend when a gunman tried to rob them near the prune yard shopping center. penn was shot several times, including one bullet that barely missed his heart. it stopped at his spine. his girlfriend, she was shot as well, but her injuries were less serious. >> what was he going to get? like $50 in cash or something? i mean, like, guess his life is worth less than $50 in cash. i don't think he got anything, actually. i think he got framed and scared away like a cockroach. >> now, campbell police say this is a high profile case for them. they're following several leads. a man accused of killing his wife at their home in oakland's montclair neighborhood is scheduled to face a judge today.
6:57 am
53-year-old joseph von tempo will be charged with murder. police say von tempo claimed his wife died after slipping on the stairs of their home last month, but prosecutors say an autopsy showed von tempo's wife, lori wolf died of blunt force trauma from injuries that could not have been caused by a fall. a judge in contra costa county told jury members to keep deliberating in the molestation case against former elementary school teacher joseph martin. he's facing more than 100 charges, involving 14 accusers. the jury has been deliberating for four days, and yesterday they told the judge they'd reached decisions involving three accusers, but they're split on the 11 others. the district attorney may retry the case if the jury can't come to a consensus on some of those charges. coming up next here on "mornings on 2", the countdown to paul mccartney's historic show. tonight the sendoff designed to close candlestick with a bang. also a sex ed book that critics say went too far.
6:58 am
the late night school board vote that closed the book on that controversy. stay right here with us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a fitting sendoff for candlestick park. sir paul mccartney will perform here tonight during the stadium's final event ever. what will make this show so special. a late night fire at a popular bay area shopping mall. how it could affect some businesses today. >> reporter: we are live in fremont where a decision was made late last night whether or not kids would learn sex education from a textbook that some say is controversial. we'll tell you what the decision was and why. a stabbing


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